Is the snow melting off your roof too quickly?

Winter often presents homeowners more hazards than other seasons, in more ways than one.  Dangerously cold temperatures, ice, snow, and freezing rain…yes those aspects of winter can all be harmful, but the heating bills that accompany the cold season are the most hazardous to our checkbooks.

Looking at a thermometer that reads 24 degrees, I am thankful to live in a time when I have access to the technology to keep my home at a comfortable temperature for my family.  Whether we keep our home at 56 degrees or 83 degrees, we are responsible to pay for the fuel used to produce that heat.

Since you’re paying so much hard-earned money each month to heat your living space, it’s your responsibility to ensure that YOUR heat isn’t escaping that living space.  How do you find out if it is escaping?

One thing you probably have not paid too much attention too is the snow on your roof.  Let’s say it snows 4 inches, and the temperature stays below freezing for several days after the snowfall.  Look at your roof and compare it to your neighbors’ roofs.  If, after a few days your roof still has all that snow and your neighbor’s is almost all melted, your neighbor is not protecting their heat, are they?  You may also notice this only above one or more particular rooms.

Roof with even snow

Roof with uneven snow-melting

There are many reasons why this may be, but give yourself a pat on the back for taking good care of that heated air you paid so well for.  When you get a chance, bake some cookies for your neighbor and explain to them that the snow on their roof will melt when the outdoor conditions allow it to.  They don’t need to help.

If it is your home with the snow rapidly melting, you should better insulate your attic.  Remember, the temperature in your attic should the same as the temperature outside, not the same as that of the home.  The insulation should be properly and safely installed just above the ceiling of the top floor of the home, not in the attic rafters.

Ending point:  The snow on your roof should be melted by warmth OUTSIDE the home, not by heat INSIDE the home. I’ll bet you all start looking at snow-covered roofs for melting patterns from now on.

  • Santo Caridine

    When winter comes and the snow starts to fall, the first thing that would be affected is the roof. One thing can lead to another, and as the season changes, the snow will also melt. What’s important is you are still able to maintain your roof.

  • roofer manchester

    Everybody likes that pleasant season which comes after winter. But at that time you need to take care about your house roof as it get effected, when snow melts.

  • Will Peartin

    The weather can be quite unpredictable, indeed. Of course, snow is often to be expected in many areas around the country, but you’re never quite sure how much snow will fall. Too much of it can be a big problem on your home and roof, and aside from the snow, you can’t predict the heat of the sun. You need to be alert, and the best way to do so is take a good look at the state of your roof around fall and take the appropriate steps to get things ready.

  • Marianwinstone

    Two years ago I had loft insulation installed with the Government grant by a company that was providing it all around the area – they didn’t do a wonderful job and I told them so, but only once did someone come back to me when I phoned them and requested it.  When I told them that insulation wasn’t put over the large hatch I had in the roof, they just ignored it and kept making excuses.  I managed eventually, to contact someone regarding this grant, and when I told them the company that had installed it, they told me they had been got rid of.  But WHAT were they going to do about my problems – no one has ever contacted me since.  Complete rubbish and unfortunately I think I paid through the nose for a very bad job.

    • DarkCalf

      Cool story bro.

  • paul d

    I recently had a new roof put on my terraced house and the snow is slipping rapidly. The loft also has been insulated. Roof tile is eternit. Is this normal

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